House in Sa Pobla

Refurbishment of detached house between party walls and swimming pool
A simple facade contrasts sharply with the interior space, which conveys a sense of infinity. The exterior simplicity hides a world of possibilities inside. Upon entering, a longitudinal axis visually communicates the entrance with the end of the plot, which is further enhanced by the boulder paving, formerly used for animals.

From the outset, demolition was the key. All the structures in the courtyard were demolished to free up the space completely, thus creating an oasis in the heart of the village of Sa Pobla. This act of demolition was the first step in completely transforming the environment.

During the demolition process, a surprising discovery was made: when the walls were repointed, an ancient marés arch appeared. This discovery became a central element on the first floor, enhancing the connection between past and present, and adding character to this unique project.
Carlos Terra
Ramón Constructions