“A place to live for when we are older”
This was the starting point. What should a building be like that can meet our needs, capabilities and difficulties for when we reach that later time in our life?

ÀGORA is a relaxing and freeing space, it is the right choice to make; spaces of friendly interaction and communication that encourages an active approach to the residents' experience; and above all, a shared space of wisdom, a place orientated towards personal relationships.

What is offered is a compact building, adapted to the land which it sits on, sorted and organised through three interior courtyards as you go through the different areas of the residence. Also, one of these, has a more public function and entices its visitors and residents towards the entrance of the building. We wanted to created happier and more comfortable spaces that benefit from the garden areas. All of the interior spaces have natural light and ventilation.

In collaboration with
Joan Pizà and Erik Herrera
Son Martorell, Palma